More ice-monitoring products

Links to more products monitoring Arctic and the Arctic sea ice

Satellite images

Satellite images from areas along the coasts of Greenland. The images are updated several times a day. 

The images are delivered by the the University of Dundee, Scotland (the green images) and by NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center.

Daily Mean Temperatures in the Arctic since 1958

Daily mean temperatures for the Arctic region north of the 80th north. The temperature is plotted daily and compared to a climatology calculated for the period 1958-2002.

Arctic weather

Surface Pressure and 2 meter air temperature over sea ice and ocean, North of 60°N.
Data are based on analysis data from the global operational weather forecasting model at ECMWF

Sea Surface Temperatures in the Arctic

Sea surface temperatures in the Arctic ocean. The temperatures has been calculated and interpolated using measurements in the infrared spectrum from polar orbiting satellites. One figure is calculated per day, and only night measurements are used to avoid large diurnal fluctuations.