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As the surface mass budget (SMB) year ends, it’s time for our now traditional look-back at the season since the 1st September 2016.

12.09.2017 Nyheder 2017 Af PolarPortal

An interruption in normal Polar Portal service this week has brought unexpected benefits for DMI’s daily surface mass balance data from Greenland… upgrading to the cutting edge HARMONIE-AROME modelling system.

10.07.2017 Nyheder 2017 Af Polar Portal

This summer’s ablation season began on June 11 – the first of three days in a row with more than one gigatonne mass loss across Greenland. This date places this year on a shared 12th place over the 1981-2017 period, just one day from June 12, which...

15.06.2017 Nyheder 2017 Af PolarPortal

One week ago, we launched a new and improved surface mass balance data product on the Polar Portal. The improvements in the underlying model include changes in the details of how water from melted snow percolates into the snow layers below, where it...

05.05.2017 Nyheder 2017 Af Polar Portal

A new and improved surface mass balance data product has just been launched on the Polar Portal. This upgrade to the existing model not only improves the way the snow pack is handled in the model used to calculate surface mass balance, it also...

25.04.2017 Nyheder 2017 Af PolarPortal

This winter has seen a series of unusual weather hit the Arctic in general, it has been much warmer than average in the high Arctic since October though there have also been some periods of extreme cold, especially in western Greenland but also new...

14.02.2017 Nyheder 2017 Af Ruth Mottram

The summer ice loss season in Greenland started on the 6th June this year, since then the ice sheet has lost at least 1 Gigatonne of ice to the ocean every day. 1 Gigatonne of ice is one billion (one thousand million) tonnes and corresponds to 1...

09.06.2016 Nyheder 2016 Af Ruth Mottram

ACT-16 ekspedition undersøger sne og firn processer på Indlandsisen i Grønland

27.04.2016 Nyheder 2016