Record high temperature for June in Greenland

Almost unnoticed June nearly managed to sneak a Greenlandic heat record past us. We thanks SMHI's Sverker Hellström for early recognition of the new record which would otherwise have had to wait for quality control later this month.

On June 15th, the temperature in Kangerlussuaq was recorded at 23.2 ° C. This is actually 0.1 ° C greater than previously measured in June and therefore a new record high temperature

The measurement has not yet had the final quality control before it will finally replace the previous record of 23.1 ° C, which was set in 1988 and equaled in 2002. This will be performed during July.

Want to know more about weather extremes from Greenland? There is much more information available from the DMI weather archive:

By Bjarne Siewertsen,