Arctic Report Card 2013

The Arctic Report Card 2013 is out - the big picture on the state of the Arctic

Since 2006, annual reports have been coordinated by NOAA assessing the current state of the Arctic. Apart from the physical climate (atmosphere, ocean, sea ice, ice sheet, permafrost etc), the biological aspects of the Arctic environment are also covered. Jason Box (GEUS) and John Cappelen (DMI) have contributed to the chapter on the Greenland Ice Sheet:

M. Tedesco, J.E. Box, J. Cappelen, X. Fettweis, T. Jensen, T. Mote, A.K. Rennermalm, L.C. Smith, R.S.W. van de Wal, J. Wahr (2013): Greenland Ice sheet [in Arctic Report Card 2013].

Read the full report here:

Jeffries, M. O., J. A. Richter-Menge and J. E. Overland, Eds., 2013: Arctic Report Card 2013,